Published by The MAPG


Section 1 - In conformity with the Dahir N° 1-58-376 dated 3 Joumada I 1378 (November 15 th 1958) amended by the Rabii I 1393 (April 10th 1973), it is created a Moroccan association of petroleum geologists; it shall be called « The Moroccan Association of Petroleum Geologists » MAPG.

Section 2- The address of the Head Quarters of the association is: 34 Al Fadila Avenue - 10050 – Rabat

Section 3 - Its duration is unlimited


Section 4 - The purposes of the Moroccan Association of Petroleum Geologists are no lucrative. The purposes of this association are to advance the science of geology especially as it relates to petroleum, natural gas, other subsurface fluids and mineral resources, to promote the technology of exploring for, finding and producing these materials in an economically and environmentally sound manner to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members.


Chapter 1 - General principles

a) - Geology is a profession and the privilege of professional practice requires professional morality and professional responsibility,

b) - Honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, impartiality, candor, fidelity to trust and inviolability of confidence are incumbent upon every member as professional obligations.

c) - Each member shall be guided by high standards of business ethics personal honor and professional conduct.

Chapter 2 - Relation of members to the Public

a) -Members shall not make false, misleading or unwarranted statements; in regard to professional matters not shall they engage in false or deceptive advertising.

b) - Members shall not permit the publication or use their reports or maps for any unsound or illegitimate undertakings.

c) - Members shall not give professional opinions, make reports or give legaltestimony without being thoroughly informed as reasonably required.

Chapter 3 - Relation of Members to Employers and Clients

a) - Members shall disclose to prospective employers or clients the existence of any pertinent competitive or conflicting interests.

b) - Members shall not use or divulge any employer’s or client’s confidential information without their permission and shall avoid conflict of interest that many arise from information gained during geological investigations.

Chapter 4 - Relation of Members To one Another

a) - Members shall not falsely or maliciously attempt to injure the reputation or business of others.

b) - Members shall freely recognize the work done by others, avoid plagiarism and avoid the acceptance of credit due others.

c) - Members shall endeavor to cooperate with others in the profession and shall encourage the ethical dissemination of geological knowledge.


Section 6 - Conditions of adhesion

a-Every candidate for admission as an active member shall submit a found application on an application form authorized by the head office signed by the applicant and endorsed by not less than three members who are in good standing, stating the applicant’s training and experience. If the bureau after due consideration, judged that the applicant’s qualifications meet the requirements of the constitution, the bureau shall cause to be published in the Bulletin or by any other suitable means, the applicant’s name.

The Association is composed of:

- Honorary Members - Donating Members - Active Members - Associate Members

- Students

A - Honorary Members

Honorary Members shall be those members of this Association who shall have contributed distinguished service to the cause of petroleum geology. Such determination shall be made by the bureau. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues but shall have all the privileges and advantages of active membership in the association.

B - Donating Members

Donating members shall be those candidates who have to pay dues 15 times as active members. Donating members shall have the same rights as an active member .

C - Active Members

Any person engaged in the practice or teaching of geology may apply for active membership. The applicant must hold a bachelor’s Degree in geological science.

D - Associate Members

Any person not qualified for any other class of membership who is a graduate .

of a college of acceptable academic standards whose employment is associated with geology, may apply as an Associate.

E - Students

Any student majoring in geology or in a field of study related to geology may apply for student membership. Student membership shall terminate upon termination of academic enrollment.

Section 7 – Commission

The association might set up after deliberation of its committee commissions whose job is to examine particular scientific questions.

The association might set up after deliberation of its committee commissions whose job is to examine particular scientific questions.

Section 8 - Resignation and Loss of Membership Rights

Member losses his membership by:

a) - Resignation


Any member of whatever classification may resign at any time from the association such resignation shall be in writing and shall be accepted by the executive committee.

c) - Loss of Membership Rights

Any members of whatever classification who forterts membership for non payment of dues, or who is expelled for ethical reasons ceases to have any rights in the Association. This member is invited first of all to present explication to the Executive Committee. The General Assembly decides the expulsion after suggestion of the Executive Committee.


a) - Activities

1 - General Assembly 2 - Executive Committee

Section 9 - General Assembly

General Assembly consists of all the members of the association. It meets once a year at the call of the Executive Committee or upon the request of 1⁄4 (one quarter) of the members. The Executive committee suggests the work paper. All members should receive the convocation fifteen days prior to the meeting. The convocation should contain work-paper. The president or any member who replaces him presides the General Assembly.