Who We Are

Published by The MAPG

Who we are? The Moroccan Association of Petroleum Geologists



Our Mission:


·        Advance the science of geology, especially as it relates to petroleum and natural gas ;

·        Promote the technology of exploring for, finding and producing these materials in an

economically and environmentally sound manner;

·        Foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership;

·        Disseminate information relating to the geology and associated technology of oil and gas ;

·        Inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its members;

·        Advance the professional well-being of its members.


Our Vision:


As an integrated Geologic Association, contribute to the Nation efforts in:

·        Properly assessing the Moroccan sub-soil natural resources

·        Providing young geologists with state-of-the-art technology and tools to carry out their

studies and rsearches

·        Ensuring sustainable development





·        Geology is a profession and the privilege of professional practice requires professional

morality and professional responsibility,

·        Honesty, integrity, loyalty, fairness, impartiality, condor, fidelity to trust and inviolability

of confidence are incumbent upon every member as professional obligations.

·        Each member shall be guided by high standards of business ethics personal honor and

professional conduct.

·        Members shall not make false, misleading or unwarranted statements, in regard to

professional matters not shall they engage in false or deceptive advertising.

·        Members shall not permit the publication or use their reports or maps for any unsound

or illegitimate undertakings.

·        Members shall not give professional opinions, make reports or give legal testimony

without being thoroughly informed as reasonably required.

·        Members shall disclose to prospective employers or clients the existence of any pertinent

competitive or conflicting interests.

·        Members shall not use or divulge any employer’s or client’s confidential information

without their permission and shall avoid conflict of interest that many arise from information

gained during geological investigations.

·        Members shall not falsely or maliciously attempt to injure the reputation or business of


·        Members shall freely recognize the work done by others, avoid plagiarism and avoid the

acceptance of credit due others.

·        Members shall endeavor to cooperate with others in the profession and shall encourage

the ethical dissemination of geological knowledge.